The Roulette invites you to mix freely.
Colours, prints, textures. They all match and add up. All our clothes combine and complement together always offering a smart, versatile and timeless look.

Mix-and-match. The Roulette celebrates the magic of chance: both in fashion and in daily life. Inspiration comes from network nodes and intersections. The connections among people. We are fascinated by that 0,01% probability, serendipity and fate. We know they exist. It all comes down to attitude, philosophy and values.

About us:

We are what you see, fair and square, with no catches. This project is based on honesty and transparency. We stay away from fast fashion. We take care of each step of the production process. We want our clothes, proudly made in Barcelona, to last and be part of your life.

Everything combines so embrace the power of random: Amazing things will happen.
Welcome to The Roulette

The neverending mix-and-match